How to Protect Your Assets During a Home Renovation
Martina Vilar
Martina Vilar
Editor in Chief
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How to Protect Your Assets During a Home Renovation

Home improvement is a key feature of homeownership in the modern world of homeowner needs. Property owners are constantly making small tweaks—and sometimes enormous home renovations—to the layout and style of their homes. This is a massive industry, with more than $400 billion spent on renovation projects each year.

With the social devastation that has occurred in the United States and worldwide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, homeowners are becoming aggressive renovators in an effort to reimagine their homes as a space that can double as an office, school, or play area while also providing a sense of relaxation, comfort, and luxury that so many of us yearn for in our living spaces.

In standard times, homeowners often focus on renovations that will reimagine the kitchen area, flooring, or external fixtures, and many of the updates are continuing to center on these slices of the property. But securing your belongings and ensuring that theft, damage, or other hazards remain far away from your valuable assets is a constant worry during the course of a renovation project. The vast majority of contractors are courteous, respectful, careful, and honest, but opening your home up to a group of people that you don’t know always comes with a degree of risk.

Whether you’re looking to secure your jewelry against the potential for theft or need to place some of your valuable decorations in a safe location to prevent accidental damage during a remodel, this article will help you find the best solutions to your problems.

Start with an accounting of your needs


The first thing that any homeowner should do while looking into how to protect your jewelry and other belongings during a remodel is to understand just what you will need to safeguard in the first place. Storing jewelry during a renovation is an important step for any homeowner with a sizeable or important collection of pieces. Many of us receive gifts of jewelry as a part of our loved ones’ wills or in the form of a present to commemorate an important event or milestone.

This means that a great deal of jewelry that resides in any home is actually a treasure trove of sentimental value. These belongings simply can’t be replaced. When you are approaching a remodeling opportunity, the first thing you will want to do is take stock of all the possessions that you will need to find a temporary home for. Perhaps your home is full of decorative items that your family has brought back from travels, or maybe your pictures and other decorations are all very durable and the jewels are all that will need protection.

Find the right storage option


Once you’ve identified all the belongings that will need security through the weeks or months of a home improvement project, then you’ll need to use a storage unit for your renovation. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes. Some people find that keeping important jewelry in a safety deposit box is the best way to secure these items. Others have found a self-storage facility to be the best way to lock in great security and the protection from accidental damage that will provide the peace of mind needed during the chaotic times of an update.

Finding a storage unit in your local area is a simple task. There are tens of thousands of storage facilities in the United States, but selecting a local space that provides air-conditioned units along with 24-hour access and other amenities is the best way to approach this task.

Don’t skimp on your storage needs during your next renovation project. Getting the important possessions in your life moved out of the way is the only way to truly bring security to your next home improvement project.