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Martina Vilar
Martina Vilar
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Top Careers in Data Management

In the ever-evolving world of technology and growing online culture, data management jobs have never been in such high demand. Data managers are people who work with software and multiple types of internet applications in order to collect data to use for many purposes including tracking consumer habits and implementing data collection catch bins.

If you are a person who enjoys computers, critical thinking, and working behind the scenes, a data management career might be for you. To learn more about the opportunities in data management, read on.

The Basics


You may be asking: what is MDM? It’s really not a silly question. An often underappreciated or noticed career, Master Data Management is actually imperative to business success in today’s technical world. Data management is a field that works to make sure all data in a company’s position stays not only safe but also up to date. Data managers maintain applications to be sure that customer privacy and overall data security are kept in check. Without people working hard in data management careers, it would be easy for hackers to run off with credit cards or business to lose years of client contact information they worked too hard to collect and build upon.

An example of why MDM is important is for consumer privacy. Data needs to be stored both efficiently but also with privacy in mind. Because most people pay for things with credit cards, companies who store this information for things like renewing orders or subscriptions need to be certain that data is not breached.

Types of Jobs


If you are the type of person who enjoys hobbies for intellectuals, a data management job might be for you. These positions take many skills. To work in this field, you need to be technically savvy, able to work in a team, aware of the latest software, up to date on hacker and spyware programs, and comfortable working with business owners and managers who may not have the ability to speak in computer code or data management languages. That is, to do this kind of work, you need to be patient and knowledgeable.

Jobs in data management include everything from working as an analyst to see what changes need to be made to keep data flow smooth through large and small organizations to working to keep websites and contact mailing lists in compliance with privacy laws. You could spend weeks not trashing data but rejoining it with new computer programs and interfaces so that they better work together for efficiency and the customer experience alike. Or, your job could be building programming into the back of a website to make contact and other data storage systems more efficient.

Most jobs in this field require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in IT sciences, computer sciences, or data management. Others require master level data management degrees in computer engineering or business analytics. So the road to an MDM job can be a long one but will also pay off. These jobs pay high above national averages and provide endless opportunities for creative thinking and analytical problem-solving. Many math and computer science-minded people can’t get enough.

Projects for You


Other Opportunities

The opportunities for those skilled in data management are endless. For those looking to go into data analysis, if you are able to speak or learn a structured query language, all the better. Companies all over the globe are looking to work with people who can tackle complicated data collection and quantification problems and develop quick solutions. These companies provide data services that will help the companies they work with to increase revenue, forge better customer relationships and results, and more. You could be part of that too.