Salon Design Trends To Look Out for in 2021
Martina Vilar
Martina Vilar
Editor in Chief

Salon Design Trends To Look Out for in 2021

Choosing the right salon is a choice many of us take to heart. Whether you’re looking for a place to visit once a month or every week, the right hairdresser or barber makes all the difference when it comes to keeping up with the latest styles. When choosing the right stylist, you want someone with a creative flair, but have you ever thought about the salon itself?

If you’re a fixture in the local stylist’s shop, you want to feel comfortable and safe when there. A clean shop that has a great BBB business profile, proper barber equipment, and all the needed safety precautions in place is imperative but don’t forget that a stylish floor plan can make your trip more pleasant. While looking around to choose the perfect salon for your beauty needs, here are a few design trends you should keep your eyes open for in 2021.

Proper equipment is a must for any stylish salon or barbershop.


If you have a taste for interior design, you know the importance of honoring a classic style while adding trendy touches to complete the overall look. One way of keeping your floor plan simple and stylish is to use a barber chair. When visiting a shop, if you step inside and find one of these chairs waiting for you, a touch of nostalgia is practically guaranteed.

Keller barber chairs are a great way of keeping a salon trendy and functional. These chairs aren’t simply for decoration but are fully operational to make customer care easier. If you visit a salon or shop that uses these barber chairs, you know the professional who is waiting to do your hair, shave, or cut is dedicated to the craft and ready to ensure their clients are pleased with their work.

Safety should be a priority for any salon.

Shop owners know the importance of keeping their space safe and accommodating to customers. Whether it’s something as simple as keeping the floors clear of debris, clippings, and trash to properly sealing windows thanks to the hard work of All-Weather Seal Inc., knowing the stylist you’ve chosen keeps safety at the forefront is imperative. No one wants to visit a beauty shop where they feel unsafe or that the owner isn’t adhering to proper protocols.

New windows, sealants, and even gutters are cosmetic additions that can make a shop come alive. If you want to visit a trendy shop and up to date with everything the world of beauty has to offer, ensuring the building itself is up to code can make all the difference when you find yourself spending time there.

Designing any space takes a bit of time and effort.


If you’re looking for a trendy and stylish salon, you don’t want to choose one that has been thrown together. No, designing a shop takes just as much time and effort as designing a new home. When you step through the doors, you should be able to see whether true work has been put into the space or it’s been simply thrown together to open a business.

Truly dedicated shop owners will do their best to make decorating a shop feel like designing your dream home. When stopping by to have your beauty needs taken care of you should feel welcome. Small touches like a footrest, cushions, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture can make your time in the shop more comfortable. Other unique designs like art and reading material will make the shop become a place you want to frequent.

Looking for the right beauty salon or barbershop for your needs can be a fun process. Keep your eyes open for the trends that will make the time you spend chasing your beauty regiment both fun and relaxing. This will help you make the most of your downtime.