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Your Personal Guide to Creating a New You

Have you ever felt like you could be doing more with your life? If you answered yes to this, you’re not alone. A 2019 study found that 82 percent of American adults planned to make significant lifestyle changes to improve their overall wellbeing. The study further showed that, among these adults, 58 percent planned to

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How To Get a Home Retirement-Ready

After working tens of years in the rat-race, there comes a moment in which it’s time to account for all you’ve done and prepare for retirement. Some people love their jobs and hope to work until their dying day, but for most of us, retirement can’t come soon enough. What’s not to love about the

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Can You Avoid Paying the Medical Levy Surcharge?

Many Australians rely upon the public Medicare system to be able to visit a primary care physician, have prescriptions filled, or receive specialized care without having to pay out of pocket. However, there is a great deal of stress on public hospitals and clinics through this easy accessibility. That is why the Australian government has

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3 Bills You Can Lower Around the House

Try as we might, it’s sometimes hard to balance our books and try and save a little money by the end of the month. As years go by, it gets even more difficult as you notice the cost of your usual monthly expenses going up a little bit higher, but the income you are bringing

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4 Expenses That Are Worth the Extra Money

Some things in life are always worth spending a little extra money on. When it comes to things you just can’t replace, such as the viability of your skin or the health of your feet, you want to invest in the absolute best products so your future self will thank you. This article goes over

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What’s the True Cost of Owning a Pet?

Pets quickly become one of our most loved family members. Though getting a pet can add so much love and happiness to your life, it also comes with some financial costs. The cost of owning common pets, like dogs and cats, is beyond the initial purchase price. It’s important to consider these additional costs so

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