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Martina Vilar
Martina Vilar
Editor in Chief

3 Ways to Live in Your Dream House

When you’re trying to find your dream home, it’s easy to get swept up in the fantasy of it all. While it would be ideal to find the perfect home on the perfect piece of land, sometimes you have to get a little crafty. At times, this means hiring a quality real estate agent. In other cases, it means unleashing your inner DIY-er.

Whether you’re looking to buy your dream house or craft it yourself, here are a few tactics you can use to find a place that you can truly call your home.

Transform your existing home.


For millions of American homeowners, buying a dream home outright isn’t always possible. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also difficult to ensure that a house will check every box on your list unless you build it yourself. Though this list will talk about custom construction, it’s important to be aware of strategies for all budgets and income levels. So, while it might not be feasible to drop thousands of dollars on a down payment for the perfect home, you can make a few updates to your existing living space.

Whether you’re doing something as simple as redesigning your bedroom or you’re renovating your full bath, you can make key improvements to your current home to help it more closely align with the house you picture in your dreams. If you’re considering hiring contractors or looking for service quotes, make sure you do location-specific searches. For example, if you live in west Texas, you might want to consider a search like “Lubbock window replacement” or “west Texas great room design.” It’ll help you find more relevant search results.

Search the real estate market.

Sometimes, your dream home already exists. Whether you’re looking for a house with a mountain view or a cabin with a wraparound deck, there are plenty of unique homes on the market that might fit your needs. Unfortunately, some of these are fixer-uppers, and others are almost move-in ready. If you’re struggling to find the right home yourself, you can turn to the professionals.

A real estate agent or broker can help connect you to your ideal property. Whether you’re interested in mountain cabins for sale or you want to scoop up a rare find that you’ve had your eye on, a realtor with years of experience can help you through the sales process.

Come with a firm budget and a list of must-have features as well as top wants. Must-haves could include in-home energy efficiency, an open floor plan, or strong internet service. Wants often include fireplaces (except in mountain cabins and mountain homes), fire pits, waterfalls, and large kitchen spaces. A pro can help you find the right amenities in a great location if you’re willing to play the market.

Turn to custom construction.


If you have the resources and you’re ready to lead a fairly intensive process, you can even consider crafting your own home from scratch. You’ll need to buy a parcel of land, review local codes and regulations, and hire contractors to help craft your dream home. Naturally, this is the most expensive option, but it allows you the greatest amount of control. You can choose everything in the home, from french doors leading outside from the living room to a large bedroom with a beautiful view on the upper level. New construction may not be as widely accessible, but it does offer greater perks and benefits.

From updating furnishings and making upgrades where you already live all the way to investing in new construction, there are plenty of tactics you can use when you’re trying to live in your dream house. With some patience and an eye for smart real estate decisions, you’re more likely to succeed.