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Aston Foster
Aston Foster
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Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

The immune system is the body’s built-in defense mechanism against diseases, parasites, and infection. Without it, the body would always be sick and at risk for a shortened lifespan. If a sickness enters the body, a healthy immune system fights back with white blood cells to recover and restore itself. A weakened immune system has difficulties fending off and fighting back against sickness. With cold and flu season in full effect, it’s important to keep the immune system strong and healthy. These are the signs you have a weak immune system. 

Constant Fatigue

There are several reasons that someone feels tired all the time, be it from lack of sleep to stress, anemia, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Even if getting as much sleep as possible still results in feeling tired, this could be a sign of a weak immune system. The body is constantly working to fend off infections that require a certain amount of energy. Constant fatigue is a sign that the body is trying to conserve as much energy as possible to stay healthy. 

Digestive Trouble 

Nearly 70 percent of the body’s immune system is found in the digestive tract. It’s full of helpful bacteria and microorganisms that protect the digestive tract from infection and support the immune system. If suffering from frequent diarrhea, gas, constipation, cramping, or ulcers this could be a warning sign of a weak immune system. Low levels of gut bacteria known as probiotics can make the body susceptible to viruses, chronic inflammation, or autoimmune disorders. 

Digestive trouble is uncomfortable to deal with and prolonged issues could become dangerous. It’s a good idea to seek out urgent care services for persistent and disruptive health problems. Chai Care has an array of health services performed in-house by medical professionals without the excessive paperwork or waiting time of an emergency room. From illness and injury treatment to women’s health and vaccinations, Chai Care is open daily to treat patients. 

Always Sick 

The average healthy adult has two to three colds annually and takes around a week to recover. While the body recovers from a cold, the immune system is busy developing antibodies to fight off germs. Adults who are always catching colds or deal with long-lasting colds have weak immune systems that cannot keep up. 

People don’t usually notice that the immune system is always fighting off bacteria, viruses, and diseases, however, regular bladder infections, colds, flu, or mouth ulcers are all signs that a doctor needs to make an assessment. Frequent infections are signs of a possible immune deficiency. Adults who suffer from more than four ear infections, develop pneumonia twice, suffer from chronic sinusitis, or require more than two rounds of antibiotics annually need to seek medical attention for a weak immune system. 

Being without health insurance and dealing with the concern of a weak immune system is complicated. Not having access to a doctor whenever sickness strikes only make things worse, especially for someone who is constantly sick. Thankfully short term medical insurance from Agile Health Insurance covers unexpected illnesses. Whether coverage is needed during a transition or gap between insurance, Agile Health Insurance works with customers to find short term health insurance that is both affordable and flexible. 

Long Healing Time 

Another sign of a weak immune system is taking a long time to heal. When the skin is burned, cut or scraped, the body directs nutrient-rich blood to the injury to heal it and regenerate the skin. If wounds just won’t go away or take an incredibly long time to heal, this means that the immune system is underperforming. The body needs healthy immune cells to heal itself and a long recovery means a slow immune system.