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Idris Gatsby
Idris Gatsby
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Quick Tips for Filming Videos With Animals

Your animals are the light of your life. When people become complicated, drama-filled, and exhausting, you know your pet will always be there with cuddles and kisses. Dogs are man’s best friend, cats are your cuddle buddies, and birds, rats, lizards, and hamsters are cute little pals. For pet owners, your animals complete you. No wonder you may be interested in showing them off.

People love stories about animals. Whether it be wildlife documentaries on National Geographic, tearjerkers like Marley and Me, or comedies about dogs playing basketball, these stories inspire you, make you laugh, and connect you with the entire animal kingdom. Creating animal-based content is a great way to gain followers and make your pup or feline a superstar. With the right tools and tips, your pet could be a viral sensation in videos that entertain and inspire the world.

There are plenty of reasons to film animals. Maybe you’re working on one of those big-name movies as an animal trainer. Or you could be volunteering at a shelter, trying to find the animals their forever homes. Or maybe you just enjoy making your furry friend the star of your Instagram. Whatever your reason for making animal videos, there are complications in working with animals. Even for pet lovers, you’ll need patience, training, and flexibility to get the right shots. So whether you’re low-budget or high-end, here are a few tips and tricks to capture that perfect video of all your animal friends.

Train your pet.

Training is an important part of being a pet owner. The first step to take before you consider making your animal a film star is to get them some basic training. Simple commands like sit and stay will help them stay still long enough for you to shoot what you need to shoot. Eventually, you can train any pet to do cool tricks for a music video, catch items on cue, or hit their marks. These are just bonuses for a beginner filmmaker. Start with the basics and work your way up.

Train your eye as well.

Depending on the amount of training your animal has, it may be a good idea to get some training yourself. As an amateur filmmaker, you should learn how to see and capture high-quality content, even if your pet is running all over the place. If you can bring your skills to the table, even your low-budget music videos will look great in edits and have all the extras to look phenomenal.

Bring your pup some treats.

You know how you like to have a cookie or some ice cream after a long day? Animals are exactly the same way. Entice them and bribe them with treats. Get their favorite bone or snacks to enjoy while they’re on set. You can get them to come or stay easier because they simply follow the food.

If you have a particularly hyper or anxious animal, you may want to speak with your veterinarian about hemp oil or CBD pet products that can help calm your creatures. With pet relief cbd, your animal won’t experience a high or any effects of marijuana but instead will feel relaxed and get the natural relief that comes from CBD essential oil and hemp products. These pet care products may be a great option for you with their natural ingredients and overall health benefits. Plus, it can calm your pet while on the set of a video shoot.

Beyond CBD products, there are plenty of other treats to check out for your pet and your video shoot. Check out unique CBD formulas online and other items that your pet is sure to love. Some companies will also offer you money for using, promoting, and selling their product line. Recruit your friends to join you in direct sales pet products to enjoy the benefits of selling great products to potential customers and other animal lovers.

Stay comfortable and be flexible.

Working with animals in any capacity usually means they’re in charge. As much as you try to train them, you’ll need to stay comfortable and flexible as you adapt to their changing behaviors. This may mean that as a cinematographer, you’ll have to get down and dirty with your pet. Getting the right angles means getting on the animal’s level. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time moving around and chasing the animals.

Because of this, you need to stay comfortable and flexible. Don’t show up to your video shoot in a suit or stuffy clothes. You need to get your favorite t-shirts with breathability, temperature control, and lightweight fabric. Though they’re usually accessories for traveling, men’s bamboo T-shirts can be a great option for video shoots. With their unparalleled durability and moisture-absorbent capabilities, you’ll spend your day in comfortable tees that will allow you to interact with your pet easily and effectively. Don’t worry about your bamboo-cotton t-shirt when you should be worrying about your pet’s comfort, special effects, choreography, and other video elements.

Ask for help.

Trying to balance filming and taking care of your animal can be a lot. It’s okay to ask for help. Schedule an assistant or someone who can look after your pet’s health and safety while you focus on the artistry of creating low-budget music videos or advertisement spots or full films. Whether it’s your mom or a professional trainer, it can be extremely helpful to have an extra set of hands.

Give your pet time.

Unlike humans, your pet doesn’t operate on a schedule. They may need time to get comfortable with the space and be ready to perform. If your dog needs time to sniff around before you start or if your feline friend needs to take a short cat nap, let them. Remember, you’re on their schedule. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and we’re all simply living in (and trying to film) it.

Stay patient and calm.

Animals are ridiculously intuitive, so they can sense any frustration or irritation. Staying patient and positive are the most important things you can do in this situation. If you need to try the same trick or film for a long time to get a usable shot, so be it. Never show your pet anger, but find different ways to encourage them and get the shots you need. Patience and flexibility will be your best friends during an animal video shoot.

Keep the camera rolling.

Some of the best video edits come from raw footage. As much as you can, keep the camera rolling. You never know what you could get when you aren’t exactly planning for it. Sometimes the candid moments are the most touching and inspirational. Let your animal be themselves, and just make sure the camera is around to catch it.

Get the best equipment.

When you’re filming an animal, it can be natural to focus on them and their needs, but don’t forget you need equipment as well. Are you using props for the video? What kind of camera and lenses do you need for the best show? What lighting will work best to showcase indoor living or outdoor lounging? Remember that you’re not only a pet lover in this moment, you’re also a cinematographer. Get the best equipment and set up for your situation. Whether you’re filming professionally or on an iPhone, find the best way to display your pet.