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5 Exciting Hobbies You Can Start This Week

Hobbies are helpful additions to daily activities for people. Hobbies allow individuals to take a step away from the daily grind and unwind while conducting an activity that brings them enjoyment.

At its core, a hobby is a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation, which they are engaged in especially for relaxation. After work or on the weekend’s people take the time to immerse themselves into hobby-related activities. The US Census Bureau recorded that people usually spend five to six hours each on leisure and sports activities, which also includes time set aside for hobbies.

Personal hobbies can include collecting comic books, sewing, knitting, exercising at home or at a health club, learning how to cook, reading, collecting and watching movies/ tv shows, and even learning how to play an instrument. These are examples of activities that are a bit more casual, allowing for a calmer experience of relaxation. For more adventure-minded, or thrill-seeking individuals there are other hobbies which are more exciting.

1. Skydiving

The act of propelling oneself out of an airplane is a fun activity for a large portion of Americans. On an annual basis, it’s estimated that approximately 350,000 people skydive more than three million times a year. This is representative of how popular the sport is, and included in the ranks of these numbers are hobbyist skydivers. Flying through the air for some people is a great way to spend their free time.

2. Gun Range Shooting

The gun range has become a popular place for people to visit. It provides a structured environment where people can take the time to hone up on their gun firing skills. All across the US, there are gun ranges which assist gun owners ranging in skill level from hobbyists to professional marksmen/ markswomen. As a hobbyist, it helps to learn the basics of gun usage at a range, under the guidance of well trained, and licensed experts.

Range shooting can be a cathartic event. Once a person pulls their sidearm from their leather pistol case and begins firing at a paper target, the rush that comes with this activity often can’t be matched. Gun range shooting is a hobby which can be exhilarating, and stress-reducing at the same time.

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a perfect hobby for exercise and mental stimulation. Challenging and addicting, rock climbing is a hobby that many people have tried. Between 2006 and 2018 the stats for rock climbers increased in the US. By 2018, approximately 9.84 million Americans became rock climbers. The great thing about rocking climbing is that outside of being an exciting hobby, it can also help fight depression, increase motivation, and help people to deal with challenges and problems which they may be experiencing. Enjoying the freedom and good vibes while hanging from the side of a mountain is one that satisfies many hobbyists.

4. Adventure Photography

Your standard photography might include taking pictures of friends and family, buildings, animals, and even beautiful and serene landscapes. Adventure photography is a style of photography where a person photographs outdoor adventures. This niche of photography includes focusing the photography on stunning landscapes, dynamic personalities, and challenging, ever-changing shooting conditions. For example, once a person becomes expert enough at rock climbing, adventure photography can be completed during rock climbs.

Once a person picks up a set of advanced tech and economically reasonable refurbish digital cameras then they can set out to become a great adventure photographer. A hobbyist might find themselves joining the ranks of such noted adventure photographers as Krystle Wright, Jill Heinerth, and Peter McBride

5. Racecar Driving

There are times when a person is on the road, that they want to just let loose on the gas pedal. This should not be done because a person will wind up endangering others, and even their own selves while on the roads. One way that a person can “feed the need for speed” is by learning how to drive a race car. There are plenty of racing schools that offer these types of opportunities. Having a chance to drive a high-speed automobile, on a contained course while under the tutelage of an experienced and licensed instructor, is very much an exciting and high-octane filled hobby.