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Janina Corwin
Janina Corwin
Senior Staff Writer

3 Ways To Prepare for a Big Night Out With Your Spouse: For Him

Date nights with your spouse are essential for a healthy relationship. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve gone out someplace fancy, the two of you may feel a bit out of practice. Fortunately, learning to date again is simple once you have all of the pieces in place. If you’re taking your spouse out and want to guarantee a stellar date night, here are a few tips to make sure that you’re fully prepared.

If sex is part of the date, make it as wonderful as the date itself.


Intercourse doesn’t always have to come after a date. However, some couples may want to make it part of date night when they’re breaking away from their day-to-day routines and doing something special for themselves. As such, being prepared for this event in advance is key to making sure everything goes smoothly. For example, if you have erectile dysfunction and find it difficult to have or maintain an erection, you can plan ahead and order Viagra from Canada in advance. As long as you have a prescription for your Viagra and payment options like American Express or ACH, you can avoid having to visit your local pharmacy and get your medication shipped right to your door. No longer do you have to interact with pharmacists in your area to get your prescription medication!

Beyond being ready for the moment, date nights may also be a more adventurous time for couples. You may want to try something new in the bedroom like adding new sex toys to the mix, making foreplay a bigger priority, or even seeing if your partner has a specific fantasy they want to try. If things have been feeling dull between the two of you, spicing things up can be an excellent way to top off date night.

Find an outfit that’s just as classy as your date night plans.

Big date nights often mean dinner at a fancy restaurant and additional plans like seeing a show nearby. Most places have a dress code, which means that you need to have an outfit planned out ahead of time. One easy way to accomplish this is to shop at a retailer like Tie Deals. Tie Deals sells a host of discount designer ties from brands like Canali, Kiton, and Borrelli. Beyond luxury men designer ties, you can also get your hands on merchandise like dress shirts, pants, socks, and suit coats so that you don’t have to worry about shopping at multiple places to get your whole outfit together. If you want the best deals on exceptional quality without having to break the bank, find a retailer like this to get your outfit in one place at much better prices than you would get at local retailers.

Schedule everything in advance so you experience fewer issues.


Big date nights require a little more planning than the average date night. Making sure that you make all the reservations ahead of time, purchase tickets (if you’re going somewhere else besides a restaurant), and otherwise map out your night is crucial to avoiding any unexpected obstacles that may come from hoping you can get a table or a ticket last minute. Once you have everything taken care of, you should create reminders in your virtual calendar so that you have access to all of the information you need come date night. When things are planned out, you don’t have to worry about date night going awry.

A big night out can be a bit nerve-racking, even for those who have been married for a while. However, it doesn’t have to be. Make sure that date night goes smoothly for you and your spouse using the tips above!