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Tools and Equipment for Running a Jewelry Business

What’s a workman without his tools? If you’re running a jewelry business, having the right tools and equipment is vital for success. What’s more, the types of tools and equipment you’ll need depend on the type of product you offer.

For example, the set of tools a leatherworker will use differs from a goldsmith’s set. Having the right tools will facilitate and accelerate business processes for optimum performance and productivity. If you’re starting out in the jewelry niche, this article lists a few essential tools and equipment to get you started.

Weighing Scale


Commercial jewelers are legally mandated to weigh pieces on an approved scale. Specifically, a jewelry scale is a custom digital scale for weighing gemstones to determine the value of various pieces. With an accurate weighing scale, you can ensure the prices of your pieces conform to competitive pricing. As a business that relies heavily on weighing equipment, you need to schedule routine testing and adjustment for optimal performance.

It’s worth noting that the highest quality scale can’t maintain accurate readings indefinitely. For this reason, a weighing scale calibration is vital for ensuring the scale accuracy of your equipment. When concerning the price of jewelry, you’ll need accurate results from the measuring instrument at all times.

Saw Frame and Blade

Saw frame and blade are vital tools for running a jewelry business. Recent diamond trends indicate that gemologists use saw frames and blades to cut thick wire, metal tubing, and metal sheets into shapes. Professionals make use of the saw frame and blades to cut diamonds into faceted gems.

As you know, a diamond engagement ring is a significant investment. Ensure you create durable and sustainable gemstone designs. Keep in mind that diamonds are classified according to cut, color, carat, and clarity. Popular engagement ring trends indicate that most people prefer a halo setting style. You might want to start dealing with elaborate halos like platinum and blue sapphire ring pieces.

Wire Cutters


Decades ago, wires were made from gold nuggets. Today, wires are known for their spiral lines. If you decide to use wires in your jewelry-making, there are varieties of wire shapes, sizes, and metals. It all depends on the style, shape, or design you’re trying to accomplish.

Also, note that wire comes in round, half-round, square and twisted shapes. So, the best tool for cutting wires is the wire cutter. The importance of a wire cutter is often understated. The wire cutter can be used for cutting aluminum, steel wire, brass, and copper. Make sure to test and adjust your weighing and inspection equipment. Find a company whose scale service and inspection meet the necessary operational needs of your equipment to an extended level.


When you remove some diamonds from bright lighting, their edges go dark. Tweezers are best used for picking up your diamonds and gemstones securely. You can also use tweezers also for watch repairs. Tweezers come in a magnetic kind in case your gem disappears while working with it. Keep in mind to avoid soldering tweezers.

Change your tweezers as often as you can. A tweezer helps you properly handle and design an engagement ring, correctly placing the diamond on the ring’s body. A popular engagement ring style is the pear cut, cushion cut, oval cut, and marquise-cut diamond. If you ever go for a vacation in Croatia, you might want to visit Village local miners. The local miners use tweezers to design their statement pieces. Keep in mind that they deal in high-quality diamond carat, and they deal both wholesale and retail. You can learn so much from their business model.