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Camille McNeil
Camille McNeil
Senior Editor

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home

It’s well-known the various ways the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people work, go to school, purchase food, attend public events, and socialize with others for most of the year. What may surprise some is the increase in home remodeling and improvement projects during the pandemic.

Many homeowners are going out to eat less and forgoing vacations because of the health crisis, allowing them to save money. As a realist, a lot of these surplus funds are going into renovation projects, ultimately increasing the value of homes. The most in-demand renovations and additions are outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, patios, and decks. Home extensions, as well as additions, have increased by 52%, and installation and repairs for fences are up 166%.

Interior remodeling options have been growing in demand and popularity, too. Bath and kitchen renovations experienced a 40% boost this past June, an increase compared to last year.

Home prices see continuous gains in spite of the economic downturn caused by the virus because the demand for housing still surges. For this reason, many homeowners have more significant home equity now compared to before the virus hit. Those interested in remodeling and sprucing up their properties can follow the tips below to ensure that their home improvement projects are successful.

Freshen up your home’s exterior with new paint.

A brand new coat of paint can give your property a fresh look, covering up any discoloration or peeling and improving its curb appeal. Pressure-wash your home and remove any grime and debris first before applying any paint. To save money, consider purchasing the paint color of your liking and complete the job yourself.

Give your doors an upgrade.

An attention-grabbing door can entice family, friends, neighbors, and guests to enter a home. Consider replacing your original front door with a more brightly colored one, especially after putting a new coat of paint on your home. Doing so allows your home’s outer appearance and entryway to match in appeal and quality.

In addition to the front door, upgrade your garage door, too. The addition of new hardware, like faux hinges and handles, can temporarily fix any issues with your garage door, but a brand new garage door can enhance your home’s exterior and be more practical.

It’s in your best interest to leave garage door installation up to the professionals. Consult a local team of experts to complete such a job as experts utilize the proper materials. Residents in Oregon, for instance, will do well to rely on the best design and installation team the friendly staff at Garage Doors Gresham, Oregon has to offer.

Refresh your greenery and renew your lawn.


Through enhanced landscaping, homeowners can spruce up their properties by adding an air of freshness. Mow and wedge your lawn to improve its attractiveness. Strategic placements and trims for your trees, shrubs, and bushes not only enhance curb appeal but it can also decrease cooling and heating costs.

Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed and your sidewalks and driveways clean can boost its attractiveness. It may be a challenge for homeowners who are dog owners or cat owners to keep their yards and walkways clean. By utilizing a local professional team’s expertise, skills, and superior services at dog poop removal joilet il for instance, homeowners can achieve greater curb appeal and a healthier lawn or backyard.

Utilizing the services of professional pet waste technicians, homeowners can have all dog poop removed from their lawn and disposed of properly. Such services create a clean, healthy, and appealing yard to match your beautiful, comfortable home.