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Tips for Growing Your Construction Business — From Your Marketing Strategy to Your Website Design

The only way to grow your construction business is by making people aware of your company, the services you offer, and your fantastic reputation. While ideally, you want your reputation to grow organically through word-of-mouth advertising, that takes time. From your online and offline marketing strategies to your web design, every detail needs to be […]

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Is Your Ex Stalking You Online? How to Stop a Cyberstalker

Living in fear of receiving a notification or alert from a cyberstalker is becoming an increasingly common experience. In fact, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately one in four victims of stalking report some form of cyberstalking such as email or instant messaging. Stalkers are typically driven by a need for attention and […]

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Are Our Smartphones Messing With Our Memories?

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, everyone has a tiny genius tucked right in their pocket. But is having that extreme level of intelligence at your fingertips disrupting your own brain functions? More than 80 percent of Americans use a smartphone and many rely on these devices for memory enhancement and analytical thinking. Smartphones […]

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3 Reasons to Call Your Customers Regularly

Company call centers are the epicenter for company-customer interactions. Inbound call centers handle requests initiated by customers. Customers may call companies to ask questions, raise concerns, and receive solutions and technical assistance. Outbound call centers handle calls that company agents make to customers.  Reasons for outbound calls include customer support, telemarketing, fundraising, and conducting surveys. […]