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Henry Li
Henry Li
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Packing Hacks to Save Your Clothes

Traveling can be exciting, but there’s one aspect of it that very few people enjoy: packing. Fortunately, packing has become something of an art form in today’s world, which means that there are plenty of hacks to help you maximize your packing potential. No matter how much you need to carry with you on your journey, there are plenty of ways to ensure that everything is stowed safely away until it comes time to open up your luggage again. If you anticipate taking a trip and want to guarantee that your belongings are packed correctly, here are packing tips that will save your clothes (and more).

Aim to pack clothing that saves room in your suitcase.


Having heavier or bulkier clothing items in your suitcase is unavoidable, but you can counteract the amount of space that these items take by choosing lighter, more compact outfits that will take up less room. Having clothing made of lighter fabrics will also have the benefit of keeping all of your clothing relatively wrinkle-free. For example, bringing some cute petite maxi dresses on your trip will provide you with access to outfits that can easily be folded or rolled into your suitcase, giving you more space for heavier items like jackets, shoes, and other personal belongings. Whether you’re looking for that perfect black cocktail dress or a flowing summer floral print dress, there are sure to be great options out there that’ll help you look good and save space in your luggage.

Use vacuum bags to compress larger clothing items.

Packing for short trips is rarely an issue. It’s when we need to pack for a few weeks or more that things can become quite complicated. The best way to pack when you need to pack for a large trip is to find products designed for saving space. One excellent product that’s often overlooked is vacuum bags. Perfect for consumable or non-consumable items (think shampoos or lotions that could leak out during your trip), vacuum bags give you the ability to store multiple items into one bag and vacuum the air out of it, compressing it and making it so that it takes up less space. Feel free to get creative and figure out what you can fit into these useful products to save more space in your suitcase if you want to keep your clothing from getting smashed together.

Choose items carefully.

When packing, it can be easy to want to bring everything. However, this type of approach will only result in disappointment when you find that you can’t fit everything into your bag. Additionally, some items may accidentally get caught on other items if you overpack, causing damage to your clothes and other essentials. Before you even open your suitcase up to begin packing, layout each of the items you intend to take, pair clothing items together to plan outfits, and eliminate any unnecessary choices (this can mean bringing shoes that match with most outfits so you don’t bring more pairs that you can’t carry), and leave behind anything that you don’t absolutely need. This way, when you begin packing, you’ll know that everything you have laid out is what you’ll need on your trip.

Keep potentially harmful items away from each other.

Your luggage will inevitably be filled with all of the items you need for your trip. However, certain items can become problematic should they not be packed correctly. These items, namely liquids like mouthwash or shampoo, can leak and ruin your clothing and electronics. Make sure that you secure all liquids in leak-proof bags, store them at the top of your luggage, and, ideally, keep them in a separate compartment of your luggage where they won’t be able to harm your other belongings. Packing safe means packing smart!

For many, the act of packing can be stressful. With the right tips and tricks, however, it’s quite easy! If you want to pack intelligently and keep your clothes and other items safe, use the tips above before you start packing for your next trip.