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Camille McNeil
Camille McNeil
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Orgasm 101: Tips for Having the Best Orgasm You’ve Ever Had

Whether you are a man or a woman, we are all looking to improve the strength and quality of our orgasms. However, that can often be easier said than done. What factors contribute to a great orgasm? What changes do you need to make to experience one? Are there any universal tips and tricks that others use to get there? Figuring out how to have mind-blowing orgasms can be a confusing task to undertake. If you want better orgasms and you want them now, take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for having the best orgasm you’ve ever had below!




Orgasm 101

Better orgasm tips for men

Although few men may have trouble reaching orgasm, not all men have the most pleasurable orgasms when they are engaging in sexual activity or masturbating. So, what can you do to improve the overall quality of your orgasm?

  1. Start taking better care of yourself: Better sexual health starts with better physical health and better mental health. Make it a priority to eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and eliminate stress where possible. If you are looking to further increase your sexual function or deal with sexual dysfunctions, you may want to support these daily activities with a male enhancement supplement like Erectin (just make sure that you take a look at a reputable Erectin review first).
  2. Hold off orgasming rather than giving in: Although your natural instincts may tell you to orgasm when you are ready, this may not provide you with the most intense orgasms possible. Instead, try edging, holding off orgasming by stopping when you feel close and starting again when you’ve calmed down. You’ll find that the results will be quite explosive when you do decide to orgasm.
  3. Explore your body: Men will largely confine themselves to their penis. However, there are multiple erogenous zones on the male body that will provide you with further pleasure when touched. This can include playing with your nipples, your taint, your testicles, and, yes, even by using toys to explore the prostate (also known as the male g-spot).
  4. Avoid masturbating before sexual activity: Masturbating more frequently helps you quell any desires you may feel in the moment, but can contribute to less intense orgasms when you finally start getting busy. Hold off on any type of orgasms when you anticipate having sex (or even when you are masturbating alone). You’ll find that skipping a couple of days will make it more exciting when you finally orgasm again.
  5. Do Kegels in your free time: Have you ever flexed your penis? If so, you have used this Kegel muscle. Kegel exercises can help you last longer in bed and experience more intense orgasms. What could be better than that?


Better orgasm tips for women

Men generally have an easier time orgasming, but women, not so much. This can be especially frustrating if you are leaving the bedroom unsatisfied each time you either try to masturbate or engage in sexual activity with your partner. Fortunately, there are ways to turn this around. Here are some tips on how you can have better orgasms.

  1. Release your focus: Sometimes, the concentration that you place on trying to have an orgasm may actually serve as a distraction instead. Remove your expectations and let masturbation and sexual activity be a time where you can experiment and find what works best for you. The less pressure you put on yourself, the more relaxed you will be to let an orgasm come when it does.
  2. Figure out what turns you on: Set aside some time to explore your body either by yourself or with a partner and find out what touch you respond to most. Then, place a greater emphasis on those areas as you move forward. Not everyone is the same, so it is important that you find what you like and use that to achieve orgasm.
  3. Use toys: Whether you want something for clitoral stimulation, penetration, or even a sex toy for you and your partner, there are a host of products on the market designed for your pleasure. If you find it hard to orgasm on your own or with your partner, bring a toy into the equation to stimulate all the right parts.
  4. Look to foreplay and fantasy for help: Built-up sexual arousal and tension can make it easier to orgasm when you finally do begin engaging in sexual activity. Identify some of your favorite fantasies and increase the duration of foreplay before you begin having sex!
  5. Get rid of some of your senses: Blindfolds and noise-canceling headphones can be great ways to help you focus on the sensations that you are feeling when masturbating or having sex. If you find it difficult to concentrate, try using one of these items next time you are having a solo or joint session.

Both weak and non-existent orgasms can be a major source of frustration. That said, there are ways to work around this issue and experience the pleasure that you are looking for. If you want to improve the quality of your orgasms, use the guide above to learn some vital tips and tricks that will help you along the way!Image