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How to Live a More Organic Lifestyle

How to Live a More Organic Lifestyle

Looking to jump on the hippie bandwagon and enjoy the simpler things life and nature have to offer but don’t know where to start? Fret not— here are some easy ways for you to get started living a more organic lifestyle. When you’re feeling stressed or want to relax, give CBD a shot.   When

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3 Ways to Get a Leg Up on Your Competition

Every market has fierce competition, especially is less prosperous times when customer spending is lower. Even on the best days, customers have more options than ever, and they know it. Sometimes just having a great idea isn’t enough. You need a competitive advantage if you want your business to thrive. There’s an old business saying

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How Do You Know If Your Child Has a Hearing Problem?

Finding out something is off with your child can be discouraging, so much so that some parents have a difficult time believing that their children are having a hard time hearing. Hearing loss detection is easy for children who have not developed their speech and much harder with older children. Often, when hearing deficits occur,

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Tips on Preparing for the Death of a Loved One

Coming to terms with the fact that your loved one is nearing the end of their life can be earth-shattering. To save you the time and trouble of trying to figure out how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for what is to come, we’ve put together a few tips to hopefully make this

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9 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2020

Trying to save money in this day and age is a Rubik’s Cube-level task—doing so requires a lot of discipline and sticktoitiveness. You have to be intentional about every choice you make because nearly every choice affects your bank account. Whether you’re a Gen Z-er or millennial just getting their start in the world or a

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Is Your Ex Stalking You Online? How to Stop a Cyberstalker

Living in fear of receiving a notification or alert from a cyberstalker is becoming an increasingly common experience. In fact, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately one in four victims of stalking report some form of cyberstalking such as email or instant messaging. Stalkers are typically driven by a need for attention and

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7 Things to Start Doing for Yourself in the New Year

A new year has arrived and now is the perfect time to start making goals for 2020—but making resolutions, goals, and plans can sometimes be challenging, especially if you simply don’t know where to start. So to help you become the best version of yourself this year and to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with

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What Is Terrazzo and How Can It Benefit Your Bathroom Design?

Are you looking to redesign your bathroom? If you’re looking for a versatile material that you can place in various places in your bathroom, think about using Terrazzo. You may be thinking that Terrazzo is from the ’80s but if you do some research on the upgrades that are happening with the material you’ll see

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Are Our Smartphones Messing With Our Memories

Are Our Smartphones Messing With Our Memories?

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, everyone has a tiny genius tucked right in their pocket. But is having that extreme level of intelligence at your fingertips disrupting your own brain functions? More than 80 percent of Americans use a smartphone and many rely on these devices for memory enhancement and analytical thinking. Smartphones

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