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4 Product Trends in 2020

As we wrap up 2020, seek out products that help you take care of your body and your mind to ensure you’re addressing all your needs directly. While you may be averse to following specific trends, or buying recommended products just because they’re popular, there’s often a good reason behind why these trends develop, to begin with. Consider investing in some of the best products available as you head into the new year. Your health and well-being will thank you for it as you continue to feel better and have more energy from one day to the next.

1. Milk Thistle


If you’ve never heard of milk thistle before, it’s time to learn what milk thistle supplements can do for you. Milk thistle is a flowering herb commonly used to promote liver health and increase proper liver function, particularly in those who suffer from specific conditions. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallbladder conditions, and jaundice are a few health issues that arise when your liver function is below what it should be. Milk thistle is a natural treatment for these conditions and has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to addressing liver damage and promoting better liver health, milk thistle can be used to help lower cholesterol naturally.

When you take a milk thistle supplement, the dosage, and frequency with which you use it vary depending on your specific liver health needs. The best organic milk thistle supplement comes from suppliers who ensure the product is natural, organic, and distributed in its proper form. Take your milk thistle orally as directed. It’s important to note that milk thistle isn’t recommended for individuals who have a ragweed allergy, since milk thistle is derived from an herb related to the ragweed family. Assess your liver damage or liver health before taking milk thistle so that you can be sure of how much of this herbal supplement you should be taking.

2. CBD Cigarettes

CBD has taken the world by storm in 2020. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of two active ingredients found in cannabis. The other ingredient, THC, is what causes the more commonly known psychoactive effects of marijuana. When you consume CBD, you don’t have the same reaction as you would to smoking marijuana, as they’re commonly aren’t traced of THC in these products. The health benefits of CBD are numerous, as the herbal supplement can be used to address anxiety disorders, insomnia, and chronic pain. One of the easiest ways to try CBD to see how well it works for you is to purchase CBD cigarettes from a reliable company. CBD cigarettes are pre-rolled and pre-packaged, making it easy for you to keep this beneficial supplement with you while you’re on the go. If you’re feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, take five minutes to smoke one of your CBD cigarettes and you’ll instantly feel the calming effects wash over you.


It’s important to note that, while CBD cigarettes and other hemp products are not addictive, there are negative effects to inhaling smoke. That being said, the benefits of hemp smoke may outweigh the cons, and they’re certainly better than regular cigarettes. All of these criteria should be carefully considered if you’re a first-time smoker of CBD cigarettes.

3. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Another trendy item that works well for people who suffer from anxiety is the gravity weighted blanket. The blanket creates a calming pressure on your body designed to help stimulate your serotonin production. If you struggle with insomnia, this is a great way to comfort yourself at night and ease into the natural cycle of falling asleep at a preferable bedtime. Coupled with the use of CBD, you’ll be able to directly address the anxiety that prevents you from sleeping well through the night. All you need to do is crawl into bed, turn out the lights, cover yourself with the gravity weighted blanket, and let the anxiety pass through you.

4. Water Flosser

Your dental hygiene is important, which is why dentists recommend daily flossing to promote the overall health of your mouth. To kick things up a notch, invest in a combination of water flosser and electric toothbrush. This allows you to clean your teeth, tongue, and mouth more thoroughly. Water flossers have become increasingly popular in 2020 and within good reason. A water flosser removes food particles, reduces bleeding, and fights against gum disease. If you’ve had a buildup of plaque over the years, daily use of a water flosser helps you directly address this problem and reduce your risk of developing further health issues.